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Jan 20th
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Naslovnica arrow English arrow The First Annual Social Enterpreneurship Awards Goes to ACT Čakovec
The First Annual Social Enterpreneurship Awards Goes to ACT Čakovec
Author: Željka Mandić, Translated by: Makso Herman   
Četvrtak, 26 Siječanj 2012
Award goes to Teo Petričević

The Autonomni centar ACT Čakovec has received the award for social entrepreneurship of the year. The award was accepted on behalf of ACT by its director Teo Petričević. The statue, which will serve as a permanent reminder to ACT Čakovec that they are the first to receive such an award, was presented by Ante Vekić, the director of Modra nit, a social entrepreneurship founded by the Association for Creative Development Slap from Osijek. The 20,000 kuna award, stated Petričević, shall be spent in the spirit of social entrepreneurialism - to create new jobs. “Thank you, we are all winners,” said Petričević to the guests and friends present at the ceremony, who honored him with a long and sincere applause. The director of ACT Čakovec was visibly excited and touched by the award.

The award for the socially entrepreneurial idea of the year went to Domaće mlijeko d.o.o. from Varaždin. Their idea was to buy milk from small producers with whom, larger companies simply do not see an interest to cooperate. Upon receiving the award, Dragutin Vincek expressed his faith that social entrepreneurship is the right way to go, and that he will surely continue to walk down its path.

A historical event for Croatian social entrepreneurship

The award ceremony was, we can honestly say, a historical event for Croatian social entrepreneurship. It also set pretty high standards. Sonja Vuković, president of the Association for Creative Development Slap, which has been working on the development of social entrepreneurship for the past 12 years, pointed out that their goal is to create jobs that people love and know how to do, with the added quality of contributing to society. We work and create something new, different and, in our opinion, better. We work to create an atmosphere that will bring dignity back to people’s work and creativity.
Values are at the heart of social entrepreneurship, stated Ranko Milić from the Zdravi grad Association from Split. He believes that social entrepreneurs are the heroes of today; people ready to make a difference and build a more humane economy.

Minister Mirando Mrsić: “We will give our strong support to social entrepreneurship”

Minister of Labour and Pension System Mirando Mrsić expressed his wholehearted support for social entrepreneurship projects and stated that the Government shall “give their strong support”, because they want this type of business to obtain a far greater presence in the country’s GDP. “You are all winners. It takes a lot of courage to initiate projects like these… Only people with vision, goals and strategies can be successful.” In very simple terms, but with significant clarity and focus, Mr. Mrsić declared that his Ministry sees social entrepreneurship as both an important component in the country’s development and an excellent employment model for the socially excluded.

Igor Vidačak: Social entrepreneurships are a great way for young people to build their careers

Igor Vidačak, Head of the Office for Cooperation with NGOs, spoke of the efforts of civil society organizations in promoting Croatian social entrepreneurship.  Mr. Vidačak stressed the importance social businesses and social entrepreneurship in general can have in providing job opportunities for young people and helping them build their careers. Unfortunately, the civil sector is usually not the direction young people decide to take. The ceremony hosted numerous dignitaries from Croatia’s public life, as well as all those who are working to strengthen the presence of social entrepreneurship in Croatia.    


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