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Feb 18th
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Highlights of Social Entrepreneurship in Croatia in English Language
THE ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTING INCLUSION | Persons with intellectual disabilities need to be paid for
Author: Saša Bajamić, translated by Makso Herman   
Utorak, 15 Svibanj 2012

Some interesting products
By the end of 2011, the Association for Promoting Inclusion set itself the goal of employing 33 persons with intellectual disabilities through funds provided by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Within the project entitled “Volunteering as a means of approaching work activities on the open labour market”, six persons were employed and at their work places they perform the same work activities as all other employees. The goal of the project, says Marijana Janković, Head of the employment program supported by the Zagreb branch of the Association, is the interaction of inclusion beneficiaries with other persons, as well as that they receive pay for the work they perform.

Within the employment program and unrelated to this specific project, 62 members of the Zagreb Association for Promoting Inclusion were employed, while in Osijek half of the local membership – 18 members – was hired at various jobs.

Teo Petričević: “This award is in recognition of our many sleepless nights… It was worth it!”
Željka Mandić   
Utorak, 17 Travanj 2012

T.Petričević, ACT Čakovec
Executive director of ACT Čakovec, Teo Petričević received the first ever Croatian award for social entrepreneurship in January of this year. This month, ACT Čakovec plans to spend the 20,000 kuna that came with the prize and was given by Modra nit, a social entrepreneurship founded by the Slap Association, on – creating new jobs. Thus, ACT will continue developing social entrepreneurship in Croatia. We bring you an interview with Mr. Petričević.

Even though our main topic will be entrepreneurship, let’s start off with – feelings. What was it like to receive the first ever award for social entrepreneurship of the year?

The very project of giving awards, and in our case receiving one, has a deep and complex significance. Firstly, the fact that this project came to life at the turn of this year, the International Year of Cooperatives, confirms that a new era of comprehending, understanding and developing a different kind of economy, a sustainable and more humane economy, has begun in Croatia.

Over 40 nominations for the awards are proof enough. This project also demonstrates that the included parties have recognized the importance of making a change and that they view this direction in developing our society as the only correct and possible way of doing so. Secondly, the 12 nominated finalists reveal that Croatia has the capacities and resources to implement this type of entrepreneurship on a much wider scale. 

This award also creates an obligation to continue investing resources in the development of organizations (not only those founded by ACT, but also all other Croatian social entrepreneurships), projects and programs with the goal of sustainable social development and increasing our social capital. To conclude, we are delighted, invigorated and will continue to have an open, responsible, visionary and innovative direction

Ijuju! and OSH? – design brands for social entrepreneurs
Author: Saša Bajamić. Translated by: Makso Herman   
Ponedjeljak, 02 Travanj 2012
Preparations for the exhibition

What happens when thirty or so designers join forces with two organizations that employ people from marginalized social groups, and use their capacities to create new and exciting products within just a week? This question was answered at the exhibition that marked the end of Extra Ordinary Design Osijek – a one-week workshop of inclusive design held at the NEOS Society from Osijek and the Zvono Association from Belišće.

The exhibition represented the culmination of a week-long brainstorming which was followed by the creation of products with the added quality of modern design, whose purpose was to help the two organizations working to assist people from marginalized social groups (The Zvono Association offers assistance to children with developmental disabilities, while the NEOS Society employs rehabilitated drug addicts) find their place on the market and secure enough funds for new programs and employing their current staff. 

The First Annual Social Enterpreneurship Awards Goes to ACT Čakovec
Author: Željka Mandić, Translated by: Makso Herman   
Četvrtak, 26 Siječanj 2012
Award goes to Teo Petričević

The Autonomni centar ACT Čakovec has received the award for social entrepreneurship of the year. The award was accepted on behalf of ACT by its director Teo Petričević. The statue, which will serve as a permanent reminder to ACT Čakovec that they are the first to receive such an award, was presented by Ante Vekić, the director of Modra nit, a social entrepreneurship founded by the Association for Creative Development Slap from Osijek. The 20,000 kuna award, stated Petričević, shall be spent in the spirit of social entrepreneurialism - to create new jobs. “Thank you, we are all winners,” said Petričević to the guests and friends present at the ceremony, who honored him with a long and sincere applause. The director of ACT Čakovec was visibly excited and touched by the award.

DEŠA | Bitter Oranges for Sweet Entrepreneurship
Author:Željka Mandić; Translated by: Makso Herman   
Ponedjeljak, 23 Siječanj 2012
The bitter orange jam festival

Up until recently, few people would think that a rare type of fruit, grown in the Dubrovnik area, could join small family businesses together for a common goal: the production of jam. More precisely, bitter orange jam. The fruit, which is well-known to all people from the Dubrovnik area, still sometimes raises confusion due to its name. Bitter oranges? Can that be? Yes. This unique plant grows in Dubrovnik.

It looks like a regular orange, but its taste is somewhat bitterer. Bitter oranges hold a special place in Dubrovnik’s history and tradition. Its orange color, green leaves and delightful scent proudly decorate Dubrovnik’s gardens, and you can even see them in Pile and Ploče – both entrances to Dubrovnik’s old city…

The Humana Nova: recycling clothes as a way of earning profits and preserving the enviroment
Author: Ivona Grubišić, Translated by: Makso Herman   
Ponedjeljak, 23 Siječanj 2012

Humana Nova Čakovec
One of the biggest polluters of the environment is the textile industry, and that includes not only its production, but also its consumption. It is estimated that Croatia annually produces 135,000 tons of textile waste, while the biggest generators of that waste are households. The average lifetime of clothing items is around three years, and after that they get thrown away. Some clothing items take hundreds of years to disintegrate, which is truly cause for alarm, because the pollution is getting worse by the day.

If the clothes are not recycled, the pollution gets more and more extreme, since production is rapidly increasing. The production of cotton is destroying land that could be used for farming and polluting water streams, because one fifth of all insecticide and pesticide usage goes into growing cotton. Incredible, yet true: in order to manufacture just one cotton shirt, it takes 150 grams of pesticide, which in turn penetrates groundwater, poisons birds, bees, numerous other animals and, ultimately, people. Equally harmful are the dyes used for coloring. Most of the dyes contain heavy metals, as do the synthetic polyesters and nylon, which are made from oil derivatives.