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Jan 20th
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Naslovnica arrow English arrow THE ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTING INCLUSION | Persons with intellectual disabilities need to be paid for
THE ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTING INCLUSION | Persons with intellectual disabilities need to be paid for
Author: Saša Bajamić, translated by Makso Herman   
Utorak, 15 Svibanj 2012

Some interesting products
By the end of 2011, the Association for Promoting Inclusion set itself the goal of employing 33 persons with intellectual disabilities through funds provided by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Within the project entitled “Volunteering as a means of approaching work activities on the open labour market”, six persons were employed and at their work places they perform the same work activities as all other employees. The goal of the project, says Marijana Janković, Head of the employment program supported by the Zagreb branch of the Association, is the interaction of inclusion beneficiaries with other persons, as well as that they receive pay for the work they perform.

Within the employment program and unrelated to this specific project, 62 members of the Zagreb Association for Promoting Inclusion were employed, while in Osijek half of the local membership – 18 members – was hired at various jobs.

“Our members perform work activities under regular working conditions and receive financial compensation for their work. Each beneficiary has their own work assistant who helps them within the necessary scope. We are pleased to have proved on numerous examples that even persons with severe motor and intellectual difficulties can perform regular work activities,” said Jelena Soudil Prokopec, Coordinator of the employment program.

Employers mostly welcome the program

Even though employers welcome and demonstrate a great amount of understanding, they often face problems with securing the funds to pay the assistants who aid the beneficiaries in their work, stated Soudil Prokopec.  

Drogerie markt (dm), the Osijek-Baranja County, Športski objekti d.o.o., Gradska tiskara Osijek, Tržnice and Krojački obrt Iglica have been employing members of the Association for quite some time now.     

Two employees of DM, Kristina Brekalo and Klareta Čepanov, said they enjoy working there.
“I clean, wash and help around, and I’m very happy to have a job. My employers are kind and very polite,” said the 23-year-old Kristina, who receives 600kn for the work she does at DM. Kristijan Tekmetarović works for Tržnice. He says that his job is not difficult and that he is happy because his co-workers all treat him very nicely. 

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